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Just in case you’ve missed reading this series, I’m putting the first book free for a few days and discounting the second one to $0.99. Yep, doing it. AND, as a huge favor to me, Logan Snyder is putting his wonderful book set in the Between Life and Death World FREE for a few days. How much do I love this book? Yeah, I love it. The free period is now till 6 December and the discount is available for a few days only (then it goes to $1.99, then back to $2.99).

The Deets:

Between Life and Death: The In-Betweener

Get it HERE.

Emily is alone. Two years after the end of the world, she talks to herself and smashes heads with her favorite sledgehammer. This is not the life she imagined for herself as her eighteenth birthday rolls past.

It’s time for her to look beyond her safe, little hiding place to the world beyond. The madness of the apocalypse is ending, the dangerous in-betweeners – those no longer quite human, but not yet dead – are few and far between. The deaders that cover the world are going still, their senses dulled by time and the elements.

The problem is that there are no people…none. Emily has found not a single living human when she’s dared to step outside her safe-zone.

As Emily weighs the heavy cost of surviving alone and begins to accept the inevitable, everything changes once again. One of the deaders at her gate turns out not to be a deader at all. He’s an in-betweener different from any other she has seen before, and he carries a message. If Emily has the courage to step beyond her gate and the skills to survive a perilous trip in a dead world, she might just have a chance at life…a life with humans…after all.

Between Life and Death: Forever Between

Get it HERE.

Will be on Kindle Countdown from 3-6 December. $0.99 for the first couple of days, last day at $1.99.

The last time Veronica checked, the world outside was still dead…and still covered by the sort-of-undead remnants of humanity. That was this morning. Now, she has to run that gauntlet to try and save Emily, just as Emily once saved her.

Four years ago the world was destroyed by medical nanites gone awry, leaving humanity divided into three groups: the living, deaders, and the horrific in-betweeners. Emily’s only hope for a cure lies eighty miles away at a military hospital where nanite treatments were once given, and she’s running out of time. Between Veronica and that hospital is a world of flesh-eating monsters and possibly something even worse…humans. If Veronica fails to get there, Emily will be trapped forever between life and death.

Between Kings and Carnage by Logan Snyder

Get it HERE.

If you loved the Between world, then this book is for you! Logan Snyder (who wrote my favorite SF serial ever, Violet) blew me away when he created a whole new facet of the Between world and populated the Pacific Northwest with amazing characters facing the nanite apocalypse. He has also very graciously put the volume for free for a few days so that Between Readers can get it for nothing. Since this is a stand alone novel and not a series (and it’s a big, lovely book), this is a great thing.

“A dark, awesome, beautiful addition to the BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH series!” — Ann Christy

Squire has ridden with the Thunder Kings since the beginning of the end. Together they’ve survived everything the apocalypse has thrown at them, but after five long years a new threat is rising. This enemy is deadlier and more determined than any they’ve faced before, and only a strange, stuttering girl may hold the answer to their identity. Can the Kings get ahead of the threat facing them, or has their reign finally reached its end? The answer lies within the pages of this thrilling companion novel to Ann Christy’s BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH series.

The Book of Sam is Live!!! $0.99 for new release!

TheBookOfSam500x750That’s right! The Book of Sam has been published! You can get it on Amazon, but the paperback should be available at Barnes and Noble soon, too.

For a few days, I’ll have the price at $0.99 so regular readers can get it cheap. After that, it goes up to normal, so if you’re wanting to read it, don’t wait too long to pick it up.

Yes, yes, I know I’ve been a total slacker at updating this blog lately, but I’ve been super busy. We now have a vibrant and energetic four year old living in the house and it’s been keeping me busier than I thought possible.

Still, I’m going to get better at updates. Promise!

Back to Sam – As surprising as it was to get so much reader email about Sam, I knew he had to be first up at bat for the Between Life and Death: Origins series. That he connected with readers so deeply, given his brief role in the first book, The In-Betweener, was gratifying. I think it also says a lot about people. Readers fell in love with the nice guy.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

The Book of Sam – Between Life and Death: Origins

TheBookOfSam500x750Here it is! The cover for The Book of Sam is here!

The first full-length novel in the Between Life and Death: Origins series is slated for an October release, so get your hankies ready and prepare to get to know Sam in a way you didn’t inside the pages of The In-Betweener.

Why no pre-order?

Sorry folks, there’s no pre-order because those just don’t work well for me. I’m not a big enough name yet. What I will do is make absolutely sure that the first few days after release the price will be $0.99 so that everyone who wants to read it can get it cheap.

I would heartily recommend getting on the VIP List (if you’re not already on it) so you’ll get notified the moment it goes live. And also, you won’t miss the cheap release price.

Soon, I’ll be opening up a special segment of the VIP List for some readers. These are the readers that review (or want to review) and be a part of the Advanced Team. They’ll get all my books early…and free. Along with the standard drawing I do for everyone on the VIP List (swag, signed books, audiobooks, etc) there will be a second drawing just for Advanced Team members.

So, it does come with some perks. 🙂 The only thing I’d like in return are those reviews during release week. I’ll keep everyone updated on when the Advanced Team segment will be open.


Last FREE Day for The In-Betweener and $0.99 on Forever Between

Between Life and Death Sale on Amazon

Today is the last day for the big sale run on the first two books of the Between Life and Death series! The In-Betweener is free and Forever Between is just $0.99.

Also, PePr, Inc. is still free on Amazon’s US store, and will hopefully become free on all the other Amazon stores (UK, CA, etc) as time goes on.

Two Free Books Today – Future Chronicles Week Sale

PePr, Inc. Free on Amazon


First up: PePr, Inc. is FREE in Amazon…and on iTunes…and on Google Play…and everywhere else I could think of. So, yay!!!

This is my story from the first of the Future Chronicles series, The Robot Chronicles. And since this is Future Chronicles week, this is a good thing. Also, Posthumous is still $0.99 on Amazon. This novella (20K words) is being reported to me as a total tearjerker, so I wouldn’t read it in public. 🙂

In-Betweener Free on Amazon


And second? Whoot! The In-Betweener is free on Amazon from 12-16 August and to go with it, I’ve made Forever Between just $0.99 for the same time period. For those of us who loved my Silo 49 series, or are fans of Strikers, but never dipped your toe into the Between Life and Death world, this is your chance to do it.

New Covers for the Between Life and Death Series

TheInBetweener_webWhile I love the old covers for The In-Betweener and Forever Between, they don’t really speak to people browsing on Amazon for a new book. After all, I know the story, so I can see the way the covers tie in. Someone who hasn’t read it only sees a dark cover and has no idea why it’s that way. So, with a mixture of excitement and sadness, I went searching for a new artist who could create a cover that worked better.

And I had no idea how wonderful the new ones would be. Feast your eyes! I think he captured Emily wonderfully. What do you think?

On a side note, I went ahead and ordered some copies of both The In-Betweener and Forever Between with the old covers. Why? Because very few people had a chance to get the paperbacks with the old covers, so they’re as rare as hen’s teeth! It might be fun to give those away during giveaways. You never know, they might become collector’s items.

If you’re going to Amazon, then you may or may not see the new covers for a few days. It takes time for new covers to propagate through all their servers. I saw the new one on The In-Betweener this morning and squealed with delight.

The pre-order for book three, Between Life and Death, still has the old cover image up, but never fear, the new one will come soon. The cover artist is super busy (and now possibly even more since so many authors asked me who did the new covers) but I’ll be up to the front of the line again within a couple of weeks.


Busy, busy – Cute Book Charms Done!

Just a quick update because I don’t want anyone to think I’m blowing off the website. Here’s the happenings around here in no particular order.

photo (3)

Goodreads Giveaway: Congrats to the winner! I’m packing up your paperback and trying very hard to get a bookmark done so I can slip that in the envelope with the book. The bookmarks for Strikers came out uber-cute, and I just finished the charms for The In-Betweener, so let’s hope those are cool as well. Here’s a peek at what the first test of a Strikers bookmark came out like (my charms are better now). I’m going to stick one of my Love Your Zombies wristbands in there as well.


Speaking of Swag: I’ve not been ignoring my writing, but I’ve filled up any hour not spent writing with doing my swag making. There’s something strangely addicting about making things like that. It’s very futzy and precise, yet allows my thoughts to wander a bit as well. Here is what I just got done with! That’s a lot of future bookmarks!  


And Writing?:  Oh, yes, I’ve been writing. I’m deep into the final changes to Forever Between, which will be out on March 20th. (Speaking of which, I’m opening up the Advanced Review Copy list! There were a lot of non-completes in the last list, so it’s open to those that have actually left reviews in the past this time. A few new folks are welcome, but not at the rate I did last time since so few actually followed through.)

Also, I’m right in the middle of a new story, this time an Alternate History story for another one of those spectacular anthologies. Luckily, he extended the deadline out to March 15th, so I can take a deep breath. I had no idea alternate history was so hard to write. I’ve also finished another short called Vindica…or rather, two versions of it with one substantially longer, like a novella and the other version short enough for an antho. It’s scheduled to appear in another one of the amazing Chronicles series produced by Samuel Peralta. (Hint: Zombies).

Between Life and Death, the third book in the Between Life and Death Series, is coming along very nicely and I hope that everyone likes the way I’m wrapping up that series. While The In-Betweener was a relatively short book (191 pages), Forever Between is half-again as long and Between Life and Death is longer still. Not weirdly long, but longer because the world of Emily expands so much. I really love these characters. Emily, Veronica and Charlie are such interesting and good people and I’m going to hate to say goodbye to them. Really.

And Other Miscellaneous: We got socked in by snow (like a whole lot of other places!) during the last storm and it looks like it’s going to happen again starting tonight. That means lots of snow shoveling, sliding around on slippery ice while trying to get my dog to actually pee on snow (for some reason he just can’t do that), and staying indoors while hoping my pipes don’t freeze. While you’d think that would be good for writing, it’s not for some reason. So, I’ll just need to buckle down and do the work.

Hope everyone stays safe out there and has a good book to settle down with. Until next time!

It’s Alive! The In-Betweener is on Amazon.


I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas! Seriously.

Releasing a new book is hair-raising for sure, but I really like this book (all three in the series actually) and so far, the wonderful beta readers and ARC readers like it, too. That’s good news!

This morning I logged onto Amazon and uploaded a new file because…oh, yes…there was a random + sign in the text of the file that was up for pre-order. LOL…it doesn’t matter how many editors or proof-readers an author has, there will always be something.

But while I was doing that (and  muttering at the computer because of the + sign) I realized there were already reviews…and they were great ones. And then I did the happy dance around my living room. Charlie (the half basset/half beagle old man doggy of the house) actually woke up from his post-breakfast coma and made a rude noise at me. So, I stopped dancing and decided to post instead. So, this is my web-based happy dance. 🙂

Have a great Saturday everyone and happy reading!

The In-Betweener is on Goodreads



At last, The In-Betweener finally has a page at Goodreads! It’s here.

Since the print edition isn’t yet ready, that only goes to the Kindle edition, but that means you can add it to your shelf, review it and all the other Goodreads type stuff.

Yippee! Just a few more days of pre-order and then it will be live. So far, the Advanced Review Copy readers are saying good things, so I’m very encouraged. I sure hope people will like it.


The In-Betweener is here!


A new series by Ann Christy!


 Meet Emily.

At eighteen, she should be dating, going to college…maybe causing her mother a little worry. Instead, she wakes up each morning and smashes heads. It’s not the life she imagined.

Two years ago, a medical nanite advance was supposed to make human life healthier and longer. Instead, it divided us into three types: humans, deaders, and the frightening in-betweeners, who crave human flesh. Emily is now alone. Her home is a warehouse complex and her days have grown quiet and ordered. As mayhem beyond her gates emptied the world, she put her talents for survival to good use. Each day she wakes to kill the deaders at her fences and each night she barricades herself into a tiny, windowless office and hopes for morning.

One day, everything changes when one of the deaders at her gate isn’t a deader at all. He’s an in-betweener different from any she has seen or heard of before…and he has a message.

Meet Sam.

At 24, Sam is one of the good guys. He loves his mom, apple pie, and Sunday sports. When the world around him went crazy, his first year as a special education teacher came to a tragic end. Since then, he has found himself with a brood of five found children, from baby Jon to the almost-grown Veronica. He has done his best, scavenging the city around them for food and keeping them alive and hidden. But resources have run dry and it’s time to move. Now that Jon is two years old, Sam thinks they can take the risk.

And Sam has just found what might be their salvation. A lone – and possibly crazy – girl at the edge of town, safe behind warehouse walls.

Find out what happens next in the first book of the Between Life and Death series, The In-Betweener, now available on Amazon. Forever Between, book two, is already available for pre-order.

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you deserve a little something. And here it is, an extended sneak peek far longer than anywhere else.

Work In Progress

Savannah Slays (working title)

5000/ 100000 words. 5% done!

Portals - Portal Invasion #1

78000/ 78000 words. First Draft Done!

Mercy - PePr Inc novella

3000/ 20000 words. 15% done!

The Ways We End

66000/ 66000 words. 100% Done! Publishing Dec 8th! (Dark Collections 2, "And Then Begin Again" goes live on the Dec 8th too!

Strikers: Outlands

40000/ 10000 words. 40% Done!

Good News Gone Bad #1
Series of Shorts

4000 / 20000 words. Back Burner for now.

Lulu 394

60020 / 80000 words. 75% done! Back Burner for now!


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