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I’m going to use this page as a big old bucket of “stuff” that just doesn’t fit anywhere else. First off, I’m putting some posts with detailed instructions on how to make author swag like book charms, bottle cap magnets, card magnets, bookmark charms, and all sorts of goodness. I spent days trying to find instructions for this kind of stuff, but wound up buying a bunch of products that didn’t work well or at all. I’d like to share so that you can Learn From My Fails!

Project List

Bottle Cap Magnets



Book Charms


Supply List Post

Making Killer Book Charms – Part One

Making Killer Book Charms – Part Two

Making Killer Book Charms – Part Three (And you’re done!)


Super Easy Shrinky Dink Book Charms



Book charm Bookmarks



Book Charm Bracelets




5 Responses to Crafty Author

  • Michael Spivey says:

    Ann, I am curious as to why your excellent story “Chesapeake Time (Misplaced in Time – Book 1)” that you were posting and I was following on Wattpad is no longer there. I found it because of the post you made on I hope you choose to continue it as it is very good.


    Michael Spivey
    USN 1975-1983 VP9/VP91 AX1
    Combat Field Service Engineer, LADC Skunk Works F117 Desert Storm Vet 37th TFW / 416TFS

    • Ann Christy says:

      Hi Michael! Yes, alas I took it down. It really wasn’t getting any page views considering the work that was going into it. I think you may have been the only one reading it! In the end, I had to decide on continuing to do that for readers (who weren’t reading it) and writing the books that pay the bills. Guess which one won? I think if it got better feedback (it was being written stream of consciousness, not edited) then I might have continued. I’m very sorry! If you’d like to read what I’ve got written already, it’s not done, I’ll post it on a secret page and you can read it. Only you. It’s about 90K right now. 🙂 ~Ann

  • Michael Spivey says:

    Ann, I would like that very much, thank you.

    I have a wide background feel free to pick my mind. Electronics / Computer Tech, FCC General ticket, A&P Mechanic, machinist, cert welder, blacksmith, ex multidisciplinary aerospace engineer Lockheed skunk works (retired), gunsmith, martial artist since age 12 – a 5th degree black belt (Tang Soo Do) and two 4th degree black belts, one in Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu (swords) and one in an off shoot of Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu, Mountain Man reinactor, hunter, fisherman, archer, rifleman (long range and combat), combat pistols, USN Vet and Combat vet.

    • Ann Christy says:

      Michael – I’ll try to get that up in the next couple of days. Shoot me your email address at ann dot christyauthor at gmail dot com so I can send you the link when I get it posted somewhere.

  • Michael Hyatt says:

    What an interesting thread between the two of you. Ann, perhaps this is something to develop in the future? The concept sounds fascinating.

    Michael Hyatt
    Editor of zombie novels and such

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