Portals by Ann Christy – It’s Coming…

Before you grab a ruler and start whacking me about the head and shoulders; yes, I’m still working on Strikers: Outlands and the PePr novellas! The Strikers books are the most complex I’ve ever written, so they take time. The next PePr novellas (and one book) are also more complicated and have to sit in the back while I get stuff done.

Caveats over. You forgive me?

You might once you see this! Feast thine eyes on this cover of magnificence! (You can click to embiggen.)


What is this? What is this dark magic? ::squee::

Portals is book one of a whole new series. You might have figured out from the cover that it’s space related and involves an invasion…and you’d be right. But like every single book I’ve written, nothing is what it seems. Nothing.

Portals – Portal Invasion Book One

Meet Lysa. She’s seventeen, a bit of a renegade, a budding artist, and currently…handcuffed to her mother. It’s not ideal.

But then again, nothing has been ideal since the Portal Invasion began four months ago. Every thirteen minutes, portals open up at random places all over the globe. From each portal an exact duplicate of a person emerges…and then that duplicate tosses the original person through the portal.

Everything about them is perfect, right down to their DNA and the clothes that they’re wearing. Every memory is intact. They are the original in all ways. Except, of course, they aren’t. No one knows why this is happening or who is doing it. All anyone knows is that if you kill the duplicate before it gets close enough to you, then you’re safe. Or you can toss in someone else before proximity to the duplicate makes you freeze. It’s not been good for relationships on Earth, this portal tossing.

Every thirteen minutes Lysa and her mom are ready. Every thirteen minutes they breathe a sigh of relief. Every thirteen minutes they begin to dread the next thirteen. Eventually, that thirteen minutes ends for one of them. That’s when life gets really interesting.

The Details

Does that sound interesting to you? Exciting? Full of danger and thrills and alien encounters? Yeah, I got that in there for you. I love the way the ending is shaping up. I think some of you will cry, which would be good.

When is this volume of deliciousness coming out? Well, assuming I get my butt in gear and sign the contract, (I’m writing! Give me a break!), then it will come out next year in a ginormous collection of new books from about 20 authors. That’s right…it will be the box set to end all box sets.

There will be no re-hashed first in series that are already free. There will be no duplicates, no short stories. It will all new books from some pretty amazing authors (plus me). I can’t give you the line-up for sure yet (though I know most) because until the contracts are signed (including mine) no one is official.

So what’s the deal with this? Well, the entire collection will be up for pre-order and for some of that time it will be $0.99. Yeah, I know, that’s insanity with a capital I, but hey, this is for a letters run (meaning we’re trying to hit one of the lists like USA Today). It will be up only for a short time live, so I’ll be sure and let everyone know when that 0.99 price hits so you can get it at that price.

After the letters run, the collection will be retired and all the authors will publish them on their own as regular books…at regular prices. So yeah, it will be the collection to end all. I’m really excited about it, and not just because of the letters run. I’m excited because it’s a new adventure and I really like this book. (Also, secretly between us, I read the first two chapters of Logan Snyder’s book for this, and I was making frantic grabby hand motions. I freaking loved it. Super saucy and I have a crush on one of the main characters that is almost unseemly.)

New Covers for Between Life and Death!

I’m a terrible updater, but here I am, updating you. First off, let me say that I loved my former covers for the Between Life and Death series. I actually made very sure that I had paperback copies of the series for my own collection before I changed a thing.

That said, they didn’t resonate with the correct market for some reason. Either because they had an Urban Fantasy vibe or because of something else I can’t figure out, the books weren’t doing what I thought they should. Of course, who is really objective about their own writing? They may just not be great books!

To try to reach the correct market and better reflect the series, the same cover artist that did the former covers embarked on a re-branding of the series with me. I have new covers for all the current books in the series plus one for Savannah Slays, which is intended for a 2017 release. That one tells the story of Savannah and Charlie from the beginning. As character favorites in the series, they deserved their own book. (And by the way, Savannah is a piece of work!)

So, here they are in all their glory! I think they capture the post-apocalyptic nature of the series well. What do you think? And yes, the first book is still free for right now, but it’s possible that I’ll be shifting it away from that in the near future. It’s undecided at this time and will greatly depend on performance. (Click image to embiggen!)


Silo 49: Roughneck – Coming Soon!


Yep, you see that right. Silo 49: Roughneck turned out to be a short story of just under 10K words. I could have made it longer, but it didn’t need to be. Lucky for me, Chronicle Worlds: WOOL is under development so it will appear in that volume of stories by some of your favorite WOOL side-fiction authors.

So what’s it about?

Well, just as The Last Republican was a short story giving hints about why Silo 49 started out differently in the first place, so too is Roughneck. Many fans of the WOOL saga wondered how they found so much oil under that part of Georgia, which isn’t exactly oil country. I wondered too, but then I realized I could imagine exactly how that happened. Manny Rivera is an oil worker and I really like him. This is his tale.

To celebrate, I’ve put Silo 49: Going Dark free for a while. It’s available everywhere! Here’s the Amazon link.

Read and Loved for August, 2016 – Todd by Adam Nicolai

I crack open somewhere between ten and twenty books a month. Yeah, I know that’s a lot, but there’s a caveat to that. If the book doesn’t grab me by the time I reach the 20% mark on my kindle, I ditch it and put it in the DNF file.  Some folks only give a book a single chapter or fifteen minutes or other parameters, but I give it the full 20% unless it’s so egregious that I have to get it away from me as quickly as possible lest it eat my brain cells.

For some books, I simply never even notice the percentages ticking by along the bottom of my screen.

For other books, I dread the ticking of the percentages.

For a very few books, I silently say, “No, no, no,” when it see the percentages reaching the end.

Todd by Adam Nicolai is one of the latter. I truly enjoyed this book, had no idea how it might end, and was absolutely captured by the world he built inside this book.


First off, just look at that cover! That’s what grabbed me, which just goes to show you that covers matter. The blurb was enticing, so I grabbed it up.

As expected in a post-apocalyptic novel, the end of the world has happened, but how it happened is sort of a mystery. Alan and his son, Todd, seem to be the only ones left after a single moment in time in which everyone else disappeared. This tale is more about Alan and Todd than anything else, though the mystery of what happened slowly unwinds as the book moves on. And it works. I was absolutely unable to look away.

Alan is the main character and he is not perfect. We all know an Alan, however distantly. He’s the kind of guy that had potential, but never fulfilled it. He is a bundle of shortcomings and lost opportunities. Their relationship and Alan’s inner character are the main focus of the story.

The ending…oh, the ending…is not what we’ve come to expect from this genre, but it is right for this book. I’m dying to talk about it, but that would be a disservice. This book is, hands down, my favorite read of the month and I have zero hesitation about recommending it to others.

The book is priced at $4.99, but it is also in Kindle Unlimited, which means you can borrow it for free as a KU member or use this as your monthly free book if you have Amazon Prime. If you don’t know how to do your prime borrow, it’s pretty simple. You’ll have a special button to borrow if you look at the book on your kindle device. It doesn’t show up on the regular web page.


Crafty Author – Book Charm Bracelets

I know, I know. I should have put this post up a long time ago. After all, these book charms are rocking and anyone who goes through all that trouble to make them should also get plenty of ways to use them. These bracelets are the most popular item I’ve yet given to readers.

Strikers Bracelets

I gave these away to readers and wore one myself! People like them, including authors, and they are easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Super short version for those who just like to roll their own way: Make Book Charms, Buy Findings, Weave Bracelet (video), put on clasp. Done!

Not enough? Okay, get ready for the verbose version. You asked for it.

Supply List

  • Hemp Cord 20# I prefer Hemptique, but most craft hemp cording will work. Check for quality! All hemp has uneven spots, but some are worse than others. You want a hemp that is between 0.5 and 1.0 mm for most of it’s length. Hemptique has tons of colors, just search for more.
  • Findings including clasps, open jump rings (twisted version), fold-over cord ends
  • Book Charms with eye rings in them
  • Beads (can use seed beads, but better to use larger ones like Dyna-Mites #6, which are more consistently manufactured. That way you can get it over the hemp cords, which are sometimes uneven)
  • Supplies including E-600 (clear), tools, paper clamps, cutting mat or clipboard, pencil,
  • NOTE: For Amazon, I’ve used my affiliate link, which might get me a few cents on the dollar for orders there. For Fire Mountain Gems, I’ve used direct links with no affiliate. Whichever is cheaper and/or better quality is what I’ve linked to.

First, watch this video! We’re going to deviate in terms of materials and such, but this is pretty much how you’re going to do it.

Second, set yourself up for success! Using jewelry pliers (you did get those when you were making the bookmarks, right?), go ahead and attach the jumprings to the eye of your book charm and make another eye at the other end, attaching a jumpring there. Having these done will save you time. Use a cutting mat instead of a clipboard. There was too much slippage on the clipboard and the cutting mat flexes, which is good. Decide on your beads before you start and have them ready. I use six to ten pairs of beads per bracelet, six for shorter than 7.5 inch, eight or ten for everything else.

Next, let’s do this! Cut your lengths of hemp. The 24 inch hemp will give you a good length, but add a couple of inches if you use a cutting mat so you can wrap the ends over the edges and clamp it securely. Cut your 60 inch length and begin like in the video. When you get a an inch or so in, add your first two beads, then close that and do two to three more knots, then the next. You want the book charm finding to straddle the middle, so measure carefully.

Weaving the bracelet

Here’s what it looks like during the weaving process. Note the pencil keeping the strands tight and raised up from the surface.


Adding the Book Charm

Adding the Book Charm is easier than it seems and its more secure this way!

Add your bookcharm to the stationary cord (natural color in photo) by undoing your clasp and sliding it on snugly. Then do enough knots to cover that distance, then slide on the other end either onto the stationary lines or your weaving lines, depending on your level of comfort. Then continue to do knots and beads until you reach your terminus. Your terminus should be at 6.5 inches (or a hair over) of knotted bracelet. Standard bracelets are about 7.5 inches, and the clasp and ends will take up about an inch.

Almost done!

Knot the end well and tightly!

At the end, be sure to knot well. I do a double knot by loosening my clamp and knotting the stationary cords (natural color in photo) with the weaving cords, one each. Once that’s done, remove the bracelet and clamp one of the cord ends around each end (making sure you put E6000 inside each clamp first!). Cut the cord ends ONLY when you have a good clamp and the glue is dry. Attach your clasp via jumprings to the cord ends and you’re done!


This is what the clasp will look like. I used a 9mm clasp on this just so you could see detail, but use a 7mm for most people. 9mm is large enough for those who might have difficulty with clasps. Lobster claw clasps are bulky, but best for those who cant manipulate the clasp well at all.


The Mergens – Character Portraits by me!



Yes, yes…I know…I’m no artist, but I did these. They are actually rather large watercolors done using Inktense, and these are just photos from my phone so they don’t look nearly as bright here. Even so, I rather like them. For someone who can’t draw or paint, I don’t think they’re too bad. (If you click the image, you can see a slightly larger version.)

These characters stuck in my head with a force I didn’t think possible. While The Mergens is tangentially linked to the Lulu 394 universe, they are unique and on their own too. Given that I’ve been working on Lulu 394 for years and still can’t get the book the way I want it, The Mergens and Lulu Ad Infinitum may well wind up being the only things I write in that complex universe.

Their names are Delta (upper left), Tango (upper right), and The Voice (lower center). I’ve done them up a bit like saints because that’s sort of how they roll out to me. Saint of Arms and Armor, Patron Saint of Righteous Battle, and Our Lady of Fire and Vengeance. I’m not sure why, but they stand out to me that way.

The book the story is in, Dark Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far, is still on sale for $0.99 on Amazon. I don’t control those prices, the producers of the series do, so grab it if you’re of a mind to read some very different tales.

Dark Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far – On Sale $0.99



These anthologies go on sale so rarely that I have to share. Yes, I’m in this one! It has my story, The Mergens, which I loved writing. The sale is on Amazon here.

Aside from little old me, there are some great names in this anthology and the stories were nothing short of amazing. I enjoyed this one very much as a reader too!

As a matter of fact, I loved these characters so much, I did bad art of them! This is just a snap taken with my phone (complete with huge shadow from me standing there!). The real one is quite colorful. I’m seeking a way of scanning them in since they are larger than regular paper-sized.


Giant Promo on 2-3 July! (Including Strikers)



There’s another huge Patty Promo going on and you know those are good. I’ve also added Strikers to this promo, which is the first time it’s been discounted since March of 2015, I think. So, you can grab it for $0.99 if you haven’t already.

But don’t let my volume be what sways you. There are bagillions of books in this one, for all vendors, and all of them are $0.99. So, stuff your kindle! (I did.)

Strikers: Eastlands is published!



Strikers: Eastlands is Live on Amazon!

At long last, two years of research and planning and writing is live for readers. Strikers: Eastlands is live and ready to go (on Amazon). As always, I’ll have new release pricing for a few days and this time I made it $0.99 instead of $1.99 (mostly because you all waited soooo long for it).

I’m currently already working on Strikers: Outlands. The wait will be months instead of years since I did the research for both books (including the mapping, plotting, and all that jazz) at the same time. I’m committed to not having a lame ending (you know how I hate those) or putting myself into a plot-box (I really hate those), so the research was needed.

I sure do hope you like how it turned out. In all honesty, I’ve worked harder on this than any other book I’ve written. By far and away.

Special thanks to my wonderful and eagle-eyed editor, Michael Hyatt. He fixed my idiocy and make it look purty.


Strikers: Eastlands – The ARC List is Open!


The time has come! Strikers: Eastlands is in final edits and I’m ready to open the Advanced Review Copy list!

This time things will be a little different. For my last release, I sent out 39 ARCs but only 14 reviews showed up. I know the wisdom out there is that I should prune the list of those who don’t actually review, but I’ve not stressed it to this point. With Strikers: Eastlands, I have to get the reviews on opening day (or within a day or two of that on a case-by-case basis).

Bottom Line: Low review turnout at opening=failure to spread on the Zon to other customers.

So, for this ARC there are two requirements: 1) Reader must have read book 1, Strikers. 2) Reader must have left a review before on other books, so I know they actually review. 3) Reader must agree to actually leave their review on Amazon (and Goodreads if they’re a GR user) or coordinate with me if they can’t.

That’s it!

Launch day is 31 May and I’ll be sending out ARCs 7-10 days before that, so the reader will have at least a week to read the book. Reviews do not have to be long or poetic. Simple statement of like or love is certainly good enough for me!

Comment or email (or FB comment) if you want in on this! Finally….it’s finally here! I’m so excited.

Work In Progress

Savannah Slays (working title)

5000/ 100000 words. 5% done!

Portals - Portal Invasion #1

78000/ 78000 words. First Draft Done!

Mercy - PePr Inc novella

3000/ 20000 words. 15% done!

The Ways We End

66000/ 66000 words. 100% Done! Publishing Dec 8th! (Dark Collections 2, "And Then Begin Again" goes live on the Dec 8th too!

Strikers: Outlands

40000/ 10000 words. 40% Done!

Good News Gone Bad #1
Series of Shorts

4000 / 20000 words. Back Burner for now.

Lulu 394

60020 / 80000 words. 75% done! Back Burner for now!


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