Silo 49 Series

The Silo 49 Series was written with the permission of Hugh Howey, the creator of the WOOL Universe.


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Within the confines of his stories, we are left with big questions about what happened to everyone else in his world. He has graciously allowed many others to explore those untouched silos and hidden gems. Silo 49 is a series of books that explores one of those places.

I started the Silo 49 story before I even knew it was a story. While reading the WOOL 2 novella (oh yeah, I was an early reader of the WOOL saga), I had a pretty strong inkling of what was going to happen. By the time I closed the book, I was creating these people in my head.

Over time and with subsequent releases, I refined it and expanded it in my head to encompass pretty much the entire series as it stands now. Not tooting my horn or anything, but I did figure out the ending long before DUST. Not the specifics, but the situation.

One day I was telling a fellow Woolian, (I totally got him hooked on it), and he asked me to write it and send it to him so we could discuss it. I wrote a very short, maybe 20K words, version of these three books. He came back with an email with a single word on it, “MOAR!”. So, I got permission and here we are.

On my other site, my oh-so-beginner site,, I put this handy dandy Contact Me! widget in. Mostly because I couldn’t figure out the majority of widgets and that one was easy. But something really wonderful happened.

People started writing to me. And then a lot of people started writing to me.

Most of you have said great things and that you have enjoyed the books. I tell you, those notes from readers mean a heck of a lot. Many of you have had fascinating questions, suppositions and even suggestions for future outcomes. I try to answer every one of those I can.

The most frequent question I get now is: Will there be more? I’ve been working (though slowly) on a prequel to all of it, Silo 49: Roughneck. It takes place during the final stages of building the silo and just after the event. The main character is an endearing one and I like him immensely.

When will it be out? Well, I’m happy to announce that Silo 49: Roughneck will be appeared in the anthology, Chronicles Worlds: WOOL, (known as CWW for short), curated by the enormously talented Samuel Peralta. For those who don’t know, Sam started the juggernaut that became the Chronicles. He asked little old me to write a story for the first one, The Robot Chronicles, and from there the entire series has gone big time. I have zero doubt that CWW will wind up being another astonishing addition and I’m proud to be in it.


11 Responses to Silo 49 Series

  • Dear Ann, I am enjoying the first Silo 49 book…but I have a question. Is each of them a full book length, or are they novellas the way the original WOOL book was? if so, will all of them be gathered into one full volume soon? I would prefer to just buy one large volume.

    Or maybe we could do a trade! I have a novel TESLA’S SIGNAL which is in 2nd proof right now, meaning I could probably publish it this month. (details on my website.)

    I am new to WOOL fandom…my son loaned me the series just last month. I thought it was compelling, but my take on the series is that the Silo One agenda is simply not plausible. It goes against human nature. Megalomaniacs like Silo One would not plan on snuffing all but one silo, including themselves. They would plan to rule over the others and keep them as slaves.

    Either way, thanks for a good story, and good luck with your latest projects!

    • Ann Christy says:

      I’m so glad you’re liking the Silo 49 Series! As to length, Going Dark is something like 44K words (I think the first Wool episode was originally 12K? Maybe 20K?). Deep Dark and Dark Till Dawn are both well over 80K words (approx 330 pages dense print) and Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded is a reader-requested tie-in novella of something like 24K words (which is why it is only 99 cents).

      I did try to join them up, but it was over 850 pages in print and that was too big. So, in comparison, my books are each about the size of the combined episodes for each WOOL, SHIFT and DUST.

      As to Silo One, a secret part of me agrees with you on that. Though only a few people were “in the know” about the planned self-termination of the Silo, I also think that some of the crazy power-mad members in the know had no intention of actually carrying it out. Other silos, yes. Themselves? No. They may have tried to believe it, deferred thinking about it or whatever other mental gymnastics required, but in the end, I doubt they would have.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Michael Hyatt says:


    In your Silo series, it seems to me that you constructed a fascinating new corner of the Wool universe that both hews to the original and is also uniquely your own. I found Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded especially memorable. I’ve wondered what was involved in securing Mr. Howey’s permission to publish these follow-on works? How does all of that work? Just curious!

    Michael Hyatt

    • Ann Christy says:

      It was before there was such a landslide of others, so that might be why it wasn’t hard to do. I simply wrote a synopsis of the books, asked him if I could write and publish them. He said yes! Now he has a WOOL Kindle World, so anyone can write in that world and publish them there. That’s certainly made it easier for new stories to get to market. Ann

  • Tom says:

    Hi Ann. I just finished reading silo 49 going dark. Truly amazing book. I read printed edition. I guess I’m an old school, cause I like reading Real books 🙂 So I can’t find anywhere the second book in paperback. Is it published? If yes, where can I find it? If no, are you planning on publishing it? Thanks. Tom

    • Ann Christy says:

      Hi Tom and I’m so glad you enjoyed the first book! Unfortunately, I don’t have the other two in that series in paperback (just the side novella Flying Season) because the first book rarely sold a copy in paper. Getting a volume into print is another investment. That said, I do have it on my “really want to do” list. I wish I had a better answer! If there’s anything I can do (aside from get those covers made and get them out!) let me know. Best regards, Ann

    • Ann Christy says:

      Tom – I hope you’re still getting notifications from your comment. As of a couple of months ago, print editions of all four Silo 49 novels are now available! Yay! Ann

  • Gregg Eshelman says:

    Where can I find a list of all the books, novellas and short stories set in the WOOL universe? (Wooliverse?)

    • Ann Christy says:

      There are so many that it’s hard to keep up! There is now a Kindle Worlds section just for tales in the Wooliverse, but I’ve only read a small portion of them. I did a search for “Wool Fanfiction” and “Wool Universe Books” and came up with quite a few as well. There’s plenty of reading to do there! I do think mine might be the only ones that are long novels though, so it depends on your taste preferences.

  • Awie says:

    Hi Ann .. just completed the Silo 49 series on Kindle. Thanks for writing the great series. Fits well with the original series .

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