Strikers  – When Escape Is The Only Way To Fight

Long ago the United States fractured into warring nations, peaceful times a fleeting thing and mistrust the only constant. Texas is the worst of them all, a cruel and totalitarian nation where crime is punished not with prison, but with a tattoo. For each crime a strike is marked upon the offender’s neck. At five strikes…death.

Karas Quick is sixteen and already holds a strike, which doesn’t bode well for a long life. Unlike the elites, people like Karas can expect to be dealt with harshly. Any accident might be labeled a crime. Even so, she’s carved out a life with friends she loves and a decent meal every day…well, most days.

When the elite guy she’s crushed on since forever risks his strike-free neck to help her out of a jam, everything goes wrong. Not only will her life be forfeit, but so will his. Even worse, every friend who knows what she’s done is equally doomed.

They are left with only one option, the last option. They can try to escape Texas, they can go Striker. If they’re caught, they’ll die. The prize if they succeed is something they never imagined: freedom.

Strikers Reveal 3

Strikers: Eastlands

Escape from Texas was only the beginning.

Karas and crew are free, but freedom is relative for a striker. Never sure when trouble might find them, they’ve spent a year trading along the great river and exploring the world they’ve only just discovered is real.

It’s a good life, but life on the sea is a treacherous thing. When a hurricane traps them between open ocean and the mysterious land of Florida – a place from which no visitor returns – they find themselves in greater danger than ever before.

Florida turns out to be more than a secretive place that hoards technology. It’s a land filled with dangerous plots and even more dangerous people. Texas is Florida’s enemy and nothing else matters except victory. Strikers like Karas and her friends are exactly what Florida has been looking for. Within their bodies they hold the keys to victory and Florida wants to posses those keys, no matter the cost. Whether or not the friends can survive contact with Florida will depend on how deeply they can dig into themselves for strength…and how much they’re willing to sacrifice.

The Strikers Audiobook is now available!

Audible/ACX offered to finance the production so I said…heck yeah! The most amazing narrator/actor has created over eleven hours of truly engaging and engrossing audio for this book and it is now for sale on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. If you’re into audiobook (which I really am) then this one is a winner. While I was listening to it, I could hardly believe it’s the same book I wrote!

Note: you don’t need to belong to Audible to get it from Amazon.




13 Responses to Strikers

  • Rebecca says:

    I just finished Strikers and its about 10:30pm on the last school night before Thanksgiving Break. My whole body is buzzing and I know there’s no sleep for me for a while, also I probably won’t be able to focus for school tomorrow because my head will be full of border fences and secret smugglers. So, of course, as any dedicated fangirl would, rather than make any half hearted attempts to sleep when I know I’ll only end thinking about this book somemore, I had to ask you: “WHEN WILL THE NEXT BOOK COME OUT!?” Because there absolutely has to be a next book. You can’t leave the story hanging. I’ve read books that never had sequels and they still haunt me! I can’t think of nothing more terrible than an unfinished story. It’s like the tragically short life of someone who died young. Okay I’m only kidding! It’s just because you really have to write another book. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. I’m very interested in hearing more about this little Quinton and of course, more about Karas and loverboy (getting together is really only half the battle). This story was incredibly moving, as most stories are when one takes the time to listen. Thank you for writing it and for shaping my heart and mind just a little bit more. I hope you can tell that I have been as sincere, dramatic, overbearing, annoying, heartfelt, and tacky as I possibly could! It’s all in hopes that you will reply.Thanks for writing, but mostly thanks for reading (this comment and all the books that led you here). Stay free. 😉
    Sincerely and emphatically,
    A fan.

    • Ann Christy says:

      I’m so glad you liked it! And I hope it’s not too difficult during the day since you stayed up late to read. 🙂 I’m working on a second book, but that one takes time since I’d like it to be tight and the story really move along. And there’s soooo much going on inside the story, I really don’t want to disappoint those who liked Strikers. Thanks for commenting! Ann

      • Katie says:

        Yes! Reading that you’re working on a sequel made my day! Although I found it had a satisfactory ending and could be a great stand alone, I crave more! I stayed up way to late last night devouring every last word! I loved it!

        • Ann Christy says:

          I’m so glad you liked it! Strikers books are long projects so it will take a while. I wrote it so that it could be a stand-alone and I’m thrilled to hear that worked. Right now I’m releasing book two of another series (Between Life and Death series) and will finish up the third in May, so Strikers: Eastlands is going slowly, but surely. Best to you, Ann

  • I didn’t forget to give Strikers a review. I had a family emergency and plan to reread this weekend so I can make notes. I love the book and can’t wait for a sequel.

    • Ann Christy says:

      That’s great Lisa! I can’t wait to see it! Sequel should be out by the end of the year (if the editor remains available for our time)! Let’s hope that one is as likable.

  • Hi – just finished “Strikers” and really enjoyed it. As an Indie myself, I know how important reviews are and so I’ll post mine on Amazon and Goodreads and then use Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to let folks know where they can see it.

    • Ann Christy says:

      Thank you so much! I very much appreciate it. Indies unite…but separately and in different rooms. LOL. Just kidding. Thank you again. What books do you write? Ann

      • I was a reporter for almost 50 years so I write mostly mysteries… I’ve also written a Steampunk adventure and an historical fiction novel based on the parable in Matthew about the Third Servant… I always wondered what happened to him after he was “cast into the night” for not increasing his masters wealth and so I wrote my version of his later life… currently working on two more mysteries, as well as a dystopian novel about a group of military men and women who steal an aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine because they see the balkanization of the entire world coming, and another Steampunk adventure… great thing about being retired, I can write all day every day if I want to 🙂

  • Marcy says:

    When will the 3rd book come out?

    • Ann Christy says:

      Sometime this winter. My editor’s heavy red pen will determine how early in the winter that winds up being. 🙂

  • John Brennan says:

    Ann. JUST FINISHED Eastlands, loved it. So excited for Outlands.

    • Ann Christy says:

      I’m so glad you liked it! Those books are the hardest ones I’ve ever written. They take forever! But, it’s all worth it when I hear something like this. Best to you! Ann

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