Read and Loved: Clones Anthology (It’s on Sale, too)


Clones: The Anthology

I’m not in this one, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read it with enthusiasm! And I wasn’t at all disappointed. Given my own interest and writings in this vein, that’s probably not a surprise.

During my (almost) daily perusal of the science fiction deals on Amazon, I found this on Kindle Countdown for $0.99, so I thought this would be a good time to share! It’s chock full of excellent stories by some of my favorite authors (and friends). Normally, I don’t include anyone I know in the Read and Loved series, just to keep this on the up and up. In this case, it’s an anthology with enough folks that I figure it’s okay.

The mood and atmosphere ranges in this volume, as befitting the subject, and the stories are so varied and wonderful that there’s a new wrinkle just around every corner. This one is highly recommended by me!

Silo 49: Roughneck – Coming Soon!


Yep, you see that right. Silo 49: Roughneck turned out to be a short story of just under 10K words. I could have made it longer, but it didn’t need to be. Lucky for me, Chronicle Worlds: WOOL is under development so it will appear in that volume of stories by some of your favorite WOOL side-fiction authors.

So what’s it about?

Well, just as The Last Republican was a short story giving hints about why Silo 49 started out differently in the first place, so too is Roughneck. Many fans of the WOOL saga wondered how they found so much oil under that part of Georgia, which isn’t exactly oil country. I wondered too, but then I realized I could imagine exactly how that happened. Manny Rivera is an oil worker and I really like him. This is his tale.

To celebrate, I’ve put Silo 49: Going Dark free for a while. It’s available everywhere! Here’s the Amazon link.

Dark Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far – On Sale $0.99



These anthologies go on sale so rarely that I have to share. Yes, I’m in this one! It has my story, The Mergens, which I loved writing. The sale is on Amazon here.

Aside from little old me, there are some great names in this anthology and the stories were nothing short of amazing. I enjoyed this one very much as a reader too!

As a matter of fact, I loved these characters so much, I did bad art of them! This is just a snap taken with my phone (complete with huge shadow from me standing there!). The real one is quite colorful. I’m seeking a way of scanning them in since they are larger than regular paper-sized.


Busy, busy – Cute Book Charms Done!

Just a quick update because I don’t want anyone to think I’m blowing off the website. Here’s the happenings around here in no particular order.

photo (3)

Goodreads Giveaway: Congrats to the winner! I’m packing up your paperback and trying very hard to get a bookmark done so I can slip that in the envelope with the book. The bookmarks for Strikers came out uber-cute, and I just finished the charms for The In-Betweener, so let’s hope those are cool as well. Here’s a peek at what the first test of a Strikers bookmark came out like (my charms are better now). I’m going to stick one of my Love Your Zombies wristbands in there as well.


Speaking of Swag: I’ve not been ignoring my writing, but I’ve filled up any hour not spent writing with doing my swag making. There’s something strangely addicting about making things like that. It’s very futzy and precise, yet allows my thoughts to wander a bit as well. Here is what I just got done with! That’s a lot of future bookmarks!  


And Writing?:  Oh, yes, I’ve been writing. I’m deep into the final changes to Forever Between, which will be out on March 20th. (Speaking of which, I’m opening up the Advanced Review Copy list! There were a lot of non-completes in the last list, so it’s open to those that have actually left reviews in the past this time. A few new folks are welcome, but not at the rate I did last time since so few actually followed through.)

Also, I’m right in the middle of a new story, this time an Alternate History story for another one of those spectacular anthologies. Luckily, he extended the deadline out to March 15th, so I can take a deep breath. I had no idea alternate history was so hard to write. I’ve also finished another short called Vindica…or rather, two versions of it with one substantially longer, like a novella and the other version short enough for an antho. It’s scheduled to appear in another one of the amazing Chronicles series produced by Samuel Peralta. (Hint: Zombies).

Between Life and Death, the third book in the Between Life and Death Series, is coming along very nicely and I hope that everyone likes the way I’m wrapping up that series. While The In-Betweener was a relatively short book (191 pages), Forever Between is half-again as long and Between Life and Death is longer still. Not weirdly long, but longer because the world of Emily expands so much. I really love these characters. Emily, Veronica and Charlie are such interesting and good people and I’m going to hate to say goodbye to them. Really.

And Other Miscellaneous: We got socked in by snow (like a whole lot of other places!) during the last storm and it looks like it’s going to happen again starting tonight. That means lots of snow shoveling, sliding around on slippery ice while trying to get my dog to actually pee on snow (for some reason he just can’t do that), and staying indoors while hoping my pipes don’t freeze. While you’d think that would be good for writing, it’s not for some reason. So, I’ll just need to buckle down and do the work.

Hope everyone stays safe out there and has a good book to settle down with. Until next time!

New Newsletter – 9 December 2014

My latest newsletter is out and it’s chockerblock filled with news. Including the opening of the ARC (Advanced Review Copy) lists for The Powers That Be, the new collection of stories by the same authors that brought you WOOL Gathering.

Here’s the cover…lovely, ain’t it? If you want an ARC, the spots are LIMITED but you’ll get a chance to read it free a month before anyone else.

The Powers That Be

Telepath Chronicles!


Sadly, I’m not in this one, but just look at the amazing line up of talent in there! I’m still reading but so far, I’ve loved every single story.

The Future Chronicles – of which The Telepath Chronicles is the second volume, is chock-full of awesomeness. I’ve already got the ebook and the paperback.

The paperback books of all the Future Chronicles are must haves for the collector. Why? Well, the amazing Patrice Fitzgerald brought her copy of The Robot Chronicles to a conference to get any of the authors in it that were there to sign it (including moi!).

Brilliant, I say! Since there is unlikely ever to be a time when you’ll be able to get one already signed by everyone (unless something unbelievably unlikely happens), getting one signed by everyone–one at a time as the chance occurs–is going to make for an amazing possession. I’m so doing it. I will be lugging every single Chronicle book around with me to every conference.

But…uh…I’m not stalking the other authors. I’m not. 🙂 It will be purely when the circumstances permit.


Life/Time in the New World Finished!


So, I’m home from the conference and tired…tired…tired. But also strangely energized as well.

National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner in November, where I’ll attempt to write 50,000 words of a new novel (or series of novellas). The catch is that it can’t be one I’ve already started, so I’m saving some of my novel energy for then. I’ll need it!

That’s kept me working on the stories for the upcoming collection. And one of them is now finished and ready to percolate for a while before I go into editing phase. It’s longer than a short story (no surprise with me!) and about the length of a short novella. I like it. It’s got a twist, because all my stories do, and one that I very much enjoyed writing.

So..what now? After all, I’ve got 11 days until November starts, right? Ahh…glad you asked. I’m working on another of the stories for the collection. This one has no final title name, and I’m entirely at a loss as to what to call it because The In-Betweener is already a title of a comic book character that is not related to the story in any way.

And, yeah, I’ve gone there. Zombies. But luckily, not normal zombies because I don’t do normal.

I’ll be putting up a sneak peek here pretty soon. So check back for that.

Like my cute image for PePr, Inc?


I posted this on Facebook but forgot to post it here! My story, PePr, Inc., is in The Robot Chronicles. I got some really nice emails about the story and heard about a cool site to make quickie covers and images right about the same time.

So…voila…here is my ten minute “cover” for PePr, Inc. Of course, it is in another book with an awesome cover and doesn’t need one, but I like it anyway.

And, because I’m thinking of PePr, I’ll add that I’m putting together a collection of my anthology stories and some new ones. I’m not at all sure when it will come out. And it won’t have this cover. 🙂

Life/Time – Take a peek at my new story!


So…now that I’ve finished Yankari (or at least, it’s finished until I see red marks on it and have to fix it), I did a little organizing of my chaotic computer files. I’ve never actually learned to be disciplined in how I save files on my computer. I get this notion that whatever structure I have isn’t quite what I need, so I wind up making a new folder and then…voila…mayhem inside the hard drive ensues.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. I did a bit of digital archaeology and found the two stories I started for Synchronic before settling on the third one, Rock or Shell, as the one to go inside the anthology. One of those two is called Life/Time in the New World. Or maybe Life/Time should be the title…I’m not yet decided on that.

Well, I read it, thinking it couldn’t be very good if I abandoned it for the other but I really liked it. As in…whoa, baby, what were you thinking giving this up? I could be delusional, though. You never know. I’m not unbiased. ::grin:: So, take a peek at the first page (it’s still a first draft) or so below and let me know what you think. Go on? Toss it? Burn it on the rubbish heap and try to forget I ever started it?


Life/Time in the New World

by Ann Christy


“Hello there. How are you feeling?”

Darren Gordan tried to focus on the blurry smudge above him. He could tell it was a face and the voice—a woman’s voice—seemed to be coming from that general direction. A fuzzy outline of dark hair surrounded a paler surface, two dark spots for eyes. The image wavered a bit as the face turned to the side. A moment later, an equally blurry shape he thought might be a hand tapped away at something that emitted sharp, computer-like tones with each movement.

The woman made a little “ah” and then leaned down, coming into focus as she neared. Darren stared at the outline, willing it to resolve into a person. He urged his body to move, a hand, his head—any part of him would do—but he felt as heavy as a boulder. There was only a dead and weighty feeling in his limbs. Only his eyes seemed to be obeying him at the moment and then, only so much.

Her hair came into focus before the rest of her, flowing down toward him as she leaned in. Beautiful dark hair with regular waves that ended in little-girl curls touched his shoulder and he could feel the slight weight of them against his skin. The tiny weight relieved him, spared him from wondering if he had been paralyzed and left without feeling forever. Then her face suddenly resolved into sharp focus mere inches from his eyes.

“There you are,” she said, her lips moving into a gentle smile and her eyes searching his face. “Everything is fine. You’re just waking up and it takes some time.”

She brushed long, slender fingers across his cheek. The touch was soft and gentle and felt like a thousand feathers moving across his skin. She must have seen the strain in his face as he tried to speak because a line creased her brow and she said, “Just relax. I’ll stay here with you while things sync up.” The smile returned and grew, “You’ve been gone a long time. You can’t expect to just jump up and play cordball first thing.”

Cordball? Darren knew how long he should have been asleep and had prepared extensively for the potential changes that would take place in the world as he slept his way through time. This cordball must be one of those changes.

Interview with Heather Duff!

Heather Duff…of Random Redheaded Ramblings…did an interview on me that has just gone live on her site.

For those who may not be familiar with Heather, she’s an avid book reviewer and reader in the UK, who crosses genres and loves books. She’s also got a great personality and her reviews are often as entertaining as the books when she gets excited about one. Her site is almost a one-stop hub for readers looking for something good to read.

So…go pop over and see answers to burning questions like who would I have over for a dinner party (dead or alive) and what’s next in Silo 49.

And as for Synchronic promo blitz? Well, it cracked the top 20 of all Amazon. I think we peaked at #16 bestseller. That’s pretty exciting and I’m just happy to have been inside the pages. The promo price will last for the rest of the day.



Work In Progress

Savannah Slays (working title)

5000/ 100000 words. 5% done!

Portals - Portal Invasion #1

78000/ 78000 words. First Draft Done!

Mercy - PePr Inc novella

3000/ 20000 words. 15% done!

The Ways We End

66000/ 66000 words. 100% Done! Publishing Dec 8th! (Dark Collections 2, "And Then Begin Again" goes live on the Dec 8th too!

Strikers: Outlands

40000/ 10000 words. 40% Done!

Good News Gone Bad #1
Series of Shorts

4000 / 20000 words. Back Burner for now.

Lulu 394

60020 / 80000 words. 75% done! Back Burner for now!


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